My Writing Process


I am starting a new WIP, so I thought I’d share my writing process.

In the early stages, I start out with a Moleskine notebook, a good pen, character and setting worksheets, and some celebrity inspiration.

I write down anything that comes to mind about the WIP – plot points, “what if” questions, thoughts about characters and setting that I don’t want to forget, plus any scenes that I’ve already thought of. One thing I also like to do is make a word list. I just list any words or phrases that describe or could describe my WIP. This is just a brainstorm really, so most likely some of those elements won’t be used. It just frees my mind of random words or phrases, plus I can always look back at the list!

Then I use character and setting worksheets to more hone in on the details and flesh them out. I’ve also find that it helps me to have some celebrity inspiration for my characters. It helps me to keep a clear picture in my mind of not only what my characters look like, but also with any flaws or habits they could potentially have.

I keep the Moleskine beside my laptop when I write, so that I can refer to it if I need to. I use Scrivener to write, and yes, I could put all this info in there. But I have found that I like having a tangible notebook to hold in my hands, and to be able to flip through the pages. Plus, whenever I think of something to add, I don’t have to fire up my laptop, I just simply grab my notebook!

And I always add to the notebook. Editing notes, title ideas, changes that have come to mind, inspiring quotes, and anything else that has to do with my WIP, or could possibly have to do with it, goes into the notebook.

It took trial and error to figure out what works best for me, but I can honestly say that I truly enjoy my process!


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