Meet My Pet



This handsome fella is Max, my rescue dog. He is a Siberian Husky/German Shepherd mix and will be two years old in July.
His favorite activities are chasing his tail and shredding paper. Max has one amber colored eye and one that is blue, and he has his own Twitter account. Another interesting fact about Max is this: he chose his name the day we brought him home! As a family, we couldn’t agree on a name, so we left the decision to him.

Max is also loved more than I can say.

I can, however, say this with absolute confidence: Max is the craziest dog I have ever known. In less than two years, I already have so many little anecdotes and stories I could tell, and they’re all hysterical. But I don’t have all day to type them up here! And who knows, maybe down the road I will get inspired again to write another book, and I may need those stories then.

Oops, I got ahead of myself there.

You see, Max was the real-life inspiration for my book, A Puppy Bucket List. Within a week of adopting him, the idea for the book popped into my head, and I started jotting things down in a notebook. When I was ready to start the actual writing, I had those handy notes to look back on, even if I couldn’t read most of my own handwriting!

The book is based on a real dog. Some things in the book did really happen, and some are made up. Max is a dog and will never know there is a book inspired by him, but I know. I also know now that inspiration can come from anywhere. When I set out to adopt a rescue dog, I didn’t think a book would come out of that experience. In fact, I never thought that anything in my real life would inspire a book. From now on, I will keep my eyes and my mind open to more of those possibilities!


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