My Little Black (Writing) Book

blog picYou know how you buy something because it’s so pretty or fancy, and then you just are afraid to use it, or you can’t even decide what to use it for? That’s what happened to me after I bought this fab black leather journal…three years ago.

I didn’t hesitate to buy it, but when I got it home, I couldn’t decide what should go in it. Yes, I journal every day, but I don’t need a high end journal for that. Plus, I already have a stack of journals at the ready for my daily ramblings. This journal seemed like it was meant for something greater.

And it was. As soon as I saw this post over at (link at the bottom), I knew why I had held on to my pretty little Italian leather journal for so long. It was going to be my dedicated writer’s notebook.

The set-up is perfect for me, as I like to keep it old school for a lot of things. I find that if I can hand write notes and keep them all in one place, I stay better organized. I love technology as much as the next person, but there’s nothing like the feel of pen on paper! I have pretty much anything and everything pertaining to my writing in this journal, and there’s plenty of room to add things. As suggested in the post on, I have story ideas, motivating quotes, and possible character names in my writer’s notebook. They have many other suggestions listed in the post, and I used that as a jumping off point and thought of some things to add that would work for me! For instance, I added space for writing goals broken down by month and also space for self care for writers. This idea is completely customizable!

I just got my dedicated writer’s notebook set up a few days ago, and I already feel more organized. I think this system will work just fine for me. Not to mention, my lovely journal now has a purpose, and is no longer lurking in the depths of my desk drawer. Three years was long enough to be stuck in there!

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