5 Things On My Writerly Bucket List

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I have bucket lists. Yes, lists, as in plural. Instead of one huge bucket list, I’ve broken it down into categories. It works better for my brain that way! Examples of my bucket lists are Travel, Book, Food, and of course, Writerly.

Here are five things on my Writerly Bucket List:

  • Join a writing community, either online or IRL, and BE ACTIVE in the group (it’s easy to join one, being active is a whole other animal)
  • Take an online writing class
  • Enter a contest for self-published books
  • Participate in an online pitch conference (such as Pitch Wars on Twitter)
  • Go on a writer’s retreat (a real one or a DIY one)

There are a few other items on this bucket list, and there are two that I’ve already crossed off the list. I’ve been to a writer’s conference and I’ve joined a professional writing association, and it felt great to put a check by both of those!

My entire Writerly Bucket List is really just goals that I’ve set for myself, things that I think will make me better at my craft. Also things that will broaden my writing horizons. But my list isn’t all about work. There’s a little bit of fun thrown in there too! One thing on my list just for fun is to come up with a pen name, in case I ever need one. I may not ever have a need for a pseudonym, but when else will I get the chance to name myself?

And if I’m being honest, I utterly enjoy making lists and crossing things off them!

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