One Down, Many More To Go


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Today I crossed off one of my writerly bucket list items! I participated in a pitch conference on Twitter, one that helps writers find critique partners and beta readers. I’m at the stage where I’m very close to needing beta readers, so this was just good timing!

I had to tweet a pitch of my book (basically an elevator pitch), and it was the scariest tweet I’ve ever sent out. It’s still horrifying for me to have others read my writing! But the whole point of beta readers is to make your writing better, and I do want to improve. My pitch got some good responses and I have two beta readers lined up!

I’m glad I put myself out there. Yes, it’s scary to have people read what I’ve written, but things like this pitch conference only remind me that there is an awesome community of writers out there. Writing is such a lonely venture, as most of the time we are writing at home behind a closed door, or maybe at a tiny coffeehouse table with earbuds drowning everything out. But writing doesn’t have to be so lonely. Fellow writers are out there and they’re willing to help. Sometimes you just have to send out one scary tweet to find them.


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