A Writerly Milestone


I hit a writerly milestone this week. For the first time, I have sent out my WIP to beta readers.

My nerves have never been in tied in knots so badly! 

I know beta readers are (an important) part of the writing process, but you’re basically asking someone to read your work and then list all the reasons it sucks. Well, okay, to be fair, they also list all the reasons your work is good, but hopefully, they will find what’s wrong with your manuscript so that you can fix it before it gets published. We authors are usually too close to our own work to see its faults, so beta readers can be invaluable.

I’m lucky to have beta readers and I do look forward to what they have to say about my manuscript. They can provide insight that I just don’t have, which can only make my work better. 

And then maybe my nerves will come untied…

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