Pinterest Mood Board for A Sky Full Of Stars

In celebration of A Sky Full Of Stars being out in both e-book and paperback, I thought I would share the Pinterest mood board I created while planning and writing the book.

I’ve been a Pinterest addict for years, so when I found out how useful it could be in my writing life, I was thrilled! It was fun to bring my characters to life with the many visuals available on the app. I not only found celebrity inspiration for the characters, but also the kinds of outfits they would wear, what music they would listen to, and quotes that would mean something to them. Writers are used to words as their medium, so bringing in visuals to support my words was so helpful and motivating. I will definitely do more mood boards in the future!

If you’d like to take a look at the mood board for A Sky Full Of Stars, click here. Happy browsing! And if you’d like to get a hold of a copy of my book, a link is on my homepage. Thanks for reading (and looking)!







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