Music Or No Music?


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When it comes to my writing sessions, I belong to the school of thought that music is best. I CANNOT sit down to write without music. I need some background noise to fill the silence. And if it’s not music, then I need some kind of white noise in the background.

But when it comes to writing, not all music is created equal. Not for me, anyway. I write to a certain kind of music. It must be instrumental, as I find lyrics too  distracting while I’m trying to write. More specifically, I love writing to instrumental covers of popular songs. The music is familiar while not being a distraction. And I do have a favorite artist for this type of music, Vitamin String Quartet. I love them because they cover across different music genres, from pop to rock to alternative to country to show tunes. Wherever your music tastes lean, VSQ covers it! I love them so much, I even made a Spotify playlist of some of my favorites by them. Please feel free to give it a listen, whether you’re writing, reading, studying, or anything else where you need to focus.

Now, as a Gemini, I do like to change things up sometimes. If I’m not listening to VSQ, then I listen to nature sounds. I use the Noisli app, which features sounds of rain, wind, a forest with birds, waves, a babbling brook, a campfire, and even trains. My favorite on the app is the coffeehouse ambience. I can’t always get to a coffeehouse to write, which is something I love to do. But with Noisli, it’s like I’m writing in my favorite coffeehouse, except I can stay in my pajamas if I want! Another cool feature of the app is that you can mix different sounds to create a unique one that suits your tastes and needs.

As long as I can remember, I’ve never been able to focus in total silence. When I was in school, I couldn’t stand the silence during tests! Okay, there was usually a wall clock ticking, which wasn’t great, but better than nothing. I much prefer some noise in the background when I work, and thanks to the digital age, music and nature sounds are widely accessible and only a click away. I probably speak for most writers when I say “thank goodness!”

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