Meet Evan Chapman (AKA Bachelor Number Two, The 12 Dates of Christmas)

This week, I’d like to introduce you to Evan Chapman, one of Daniela’s love interests in my upcoming book, The 12 Dates of Christmas. He’s a pretty decent guy, so please, get to know him a bit!

Here is a quick look at Evan, his character aesthetic, if you will:

Evan CA


  1. This is Evan. As far as Daniela’s love interests, he is the slightly older wildcard. Actor Jeremy Irvine was the inspiration for Evan.
  2.  He is into boxing, mainly as a way to stay fit, but he also finds it cathartic, a release from everything going on in his life.
  3.  He is studying cybersecurity at an IT school.
  4.  At nineteen, Evan is two years older than Daniela.

Below are more important details about Evan, or his character sketch, or dossier, if you will:

(if you’d like a copy of the worksheet, it can be found here)

folder-146940_1280 (1)

  • Name:  Evan Joseph Chapman
  • Nickname: none
  • Birth Date/Place: April 21, 2000/Atlanta, GA
  • Character Role: Secondary character and one of two (possibly three) love interests of Daniela, the MC

Physical Descriptions:

  • Age:  19
  • Race:  Caucasian
  • Eye Color:  Blue
  • Hair Color/Style:  Golden blond, short
  • Build (height/Weight): Tall with an athletic build/6 feet 1 inch/165 pounds
  • Skin tone:  Fair
  • Style of Dress:  Mostly casual, jeans, tees, sweaters, sneakers, Chelsea boots, fitted jackets

Characteristics or Mannerisms:

  • Personality Traits: Confident but can also be standoffish. He has a good sense of humor but can also be awkward at times. Positive:  Adventurous, affectionate, dependable, disciplined, hard-working, mature, self-confident, sincere Negative: Aggressive (when need be), cold (at times), impatient, sly
  • Background: Middle class
  • Internal Conflicts: Is closed off until he gets to know someone; builds walls to keep people out
  • External Conflicts: Has a busy life with school and taking care of his elderly, ailing grandfather. Hasn’t had much time for socializing. Does have a stalker!
  • Occupation/Education: Technical college student
  • Miscellaneous Notes: He’s a nice guy, but not too nice. Looks like a “bad boy” but isn’t. Has a chin dimple and sports a bit of facial hair. Likes to stay in shape by boxing and hiking. Has a dead-sexy half-smile.

And that is Evan! The condensed version, at least. You can get to know him better in The 12 Dates of Christmas, which will be released in November!

*release date to be revealed later 😉


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