Meet Jake Fletcher (AKA Bachelor Number One, The 12 Dates of Christmas)

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Jake Fletcher, the other love interest for Daniela, the MC of my upcoming book, The 12 Dates of Christmas. Like Evan, whom you met last week, Jake is also a decent guy. Feel free to get to know him a bit!

Here is a quick look at Jake, or his character aesthetic, if you will:


Jake CA

  1.  This is Jake. As far as Daniela’s love interests, he is something of a wildcard. Though physically he is her type, Jake is creative. Daniela usually goes for fellow math and science nerds. Musician Shawn Mendes was the inspiration for Jake.
  2.  He plays guitar, sings, and writes songs, and has his own band.
  3.  He volunteers at a dog rescue, and also his local food bank.
  4. Jake is seventeen the same age as Daniela.

Below are more important details about Jake, or his character sketch, or dossier, if you will:

(if you’d like a copy of the worksheet, it can be found here)

folder-146940_1280 (1)

  • Name:  Jacob Alexander Fletcher
  • Nickname: Jake
  • Birth Date/Place: August 17, 2002/Tampa, FL
  • Character Role: Secondary character and one of two (possibly three) love interests of Daniela, the MC

Physical Descriptions:

  • Age:  17
  • Race:  Caucasian
  • Eye Color:  Brown
  • Hair Color/Style:  Dark brown, short
  • Build (height/Weight): Tall with a muscular build/6 feet 2 inches/160 pounds
  • Skin tone:  Fair
  • Style of Dress:  Mostly casual, jeans, band tees, button-down shirts, engineer boots, Converse

Characteristics or Mannerisms:

  • Personality Traits: Confident but not cocky, nice and sweet (possibly too nice), a do-gooder Positive:  Articulate, Considerate, creative, friendly, open, vivacious Negative: Jealous, touchy at times,
  • Background: Lower-middle class
  • Internal Conflicts: Has a hard time trusting people. He actively works on getting better about it, but it doesn’t always happen.
  • External Conflicts: Because of a traumatic experience in his past, he is deep into volunteer work. Between that and his band, he has little time for dating and socializing.
  • Occupation/Education: High school student
  • Miscellaneous Notes: He’s a nice guy, possibly too nice, which may be a negative for some girls. He puts his hand behind his neck and rubs when he is nervous or caught off-guard. Has a megawatt smile and wholesome good looks.

And that’s Jake! Or at least the short version. You can get to know him better in The 12 Dates of Christmas, which will be released in November!

*release date to be revealed later 😉


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