November Writerly Goals

Another new month is upon us, and I’m so glad that autumn is in full swing. I love days where I can open the windows and work at my newly redone writing space while the crisp air brushes over my skin! Fall is the best season, in my opinion.

autumn leaves

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Sorry not sorry for the gratuitous autumn photo! Before I get into my new goals for this month, I’ll recap last month’s goals and how I did. I set three goals for October: to finish the first round of edits on The 12 Dates of Christmas, update my website, and to continue book marketing for The 12 Dates of Christmas. I am happy to report that last month went really well!

I finished the first round of edits, finally! That round did take a while because the manuscript was written in third person, past tense, and I changed it to first person, present tense. That, and I made other edits, like rewrites of scenes and deleting and adding scenes. I also made the updates to my website that I wanted, and for the moment, I am happy with it! I did make more of an effort with book marketing, though I still am not an expert by any stretch. It’s a process, and I’m still learning. But I’ve done more to get the word out about The 12 Dates of Christmas!

So, what are my writerly goals for November? Again, I made only three goals. The holiday season is coming up, and there’s no reason to stress myself out or set myself up for failure by making too many goals. Plus, with the release of The 12 Dates of Christmas fast approaching, I need to concentrate all my efforts on that project.

My goals are:

  • Begin a social media marketing blitz
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I spent a couple of hours last night making social media graphics to post across my platforms, and I plan to use Hootsuite to schedule posts throughout the month. I need to continue to get the word out about The 12 Dates of Christmas, and very shortly, I will be releasing presale and on-sale dates, and continuing to post the book cover. Yesterday, I released the first chapter here on my blog and will repost links every week. If you haven’t read that post yet, just scroll down to the post right before this one! I’ll also be posting some of my favorite lines from the book throughout the month.

  • Complete the second and third round of edits
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This one’s a doozy! I think (hope) that these rounds will go faster than the first round. Once I get feedback from my CP and my beta readers, which will be soon, I will make those edits, and then one last draft will go to editing. Once those final edits are done, the manuscript should be ready for publication. It’s a very ambitious goal, but it HAS to get done!

  • Write the book blurb
gray mug on top of piled books

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I am so looking forward to writing the blurb! Although trying to condense your book’s plot and characters to 250 words or less can at times be frustrating, it’s also kinda fun! I have an idea in my head of how the blurb will read; I just haven’t put pen to paper yet. Or more accurately, fingers to keyboard.

I have a busy November ahead of me for sure, but I’m looking forward to it!




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