Meet Rachel Patton (The 12 Dates of Christmas)

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Rachel Patton, best friend to Daniela, the MC of my upcoming book, The 12 Dates of Christmas. Rachel is awesome and I’ve gotten to like her a lot. I hope you do too!

Here is a quick look at Rachel, or her character aesthetic, if you will:

Rachel CA


  1.  This is Rachel. She is one of Daniela’s two best friends and is the most bubbly of their little group. Actress/singer Dove Cameron was the inspiration for Rachel.
  2.  She is very stylish and always puts her best foot forward.
  3.  Rachel is the most compassionate of the group; she is always the voice of reason.
  4. She is seventeen, the same age as Daniela.

Below are more important details about Rachel, or her character sketch, or dossier, if you will:

(if you’d like a copy of the worksheet, it can be found here)

folder-146940_1280 (1)

  • Name: Rachel Cassandra Patton
  • Nickname: The Fixer
  • Birth Date/Place: October 10, 2002/Raleigh, NC
  • Character Role: Secondary character and one of two best friends to Daniela, the MC

Physical Descriptions:

  • Age:  17
  • Race:  Caucasian
  • Eye Color:  Blue
  • Hair Color/Style:  Sunny blonde, long
  • Build (height/Weight): Average, slim build/5feet 6 inches/108 pounds
  • Skin tone:  Fair
  • Style of Dress:  Alternates between casual and dressy, but always polished.

Characteristics or Mannerisms:

  • Personality Traits: A positive, sunny disposition.  Always honest, but in a gentle, loving way. Positive: Friendly, compassionate, gentle, keen, persuasive, polished. Negative: Self-indulgent, conceited (at times), materialistic.
  • Background: Upper-middle-class
  • Internal Conflicts: Always keeping everyone’s secrets.
  • External Conflicts: Always the peacekeeper of the group, which isn’t easy. Tries to keep everyone happy and not anger or disappoint anyone.
  • Occupation/Education: High school student
  • Miscellaneous Notes: Somehow manages to keep her sunny disposition. Rarely loses her temper.

And that’s Rachel! Or at least the condensed version. You can get to know her better in The 12 Dates of Christmas, which will be released on December 3. Presale on now! Click here to buy!


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