New Year, New Start!


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Hello, all! It’s my first blog post of the new year (and new decade)! I hope you enjoyed your holiday season and that you’re off to a great 2020!

I know it’s cliche to make resolutions, but I do it every year. Some people don’t bother, and I understand why. To each his own, right? But personally, I love making resolutions. And not because I’m so great at keeping them; in fact, I often fail epically. But to me, that’s not really the point.

I see the new year as a clean slate, and more importantly, a chance to do better. Or at least, to attempt to be better. When a new year is upon me, I take that as an opportunity to examine the areas where I can improve and make goals. I also jot down new things I want to try.

And yes, sometimes not all goals or met, nor do I get around to trying the things I’d like to try. And no, I don’t feel like a failure when that happens. Quite the opposite, actually. I feel like a better person for at least having goals and for attempting them. At the very least, I know I’m a little bit better of a human being because I’ve tried to improve myself.

And isn’t that really all any of us can do? Set goals, go after them, and see what we can learn from the experiences, whether or not we can actually check them off our list?

So, with that, I give you my New Year’s resolutions. This list covers my writing life, reading life, and personal life:

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Do you make resolutions? If so, I’d love to hear them, so leave me a comment if you feel like sharing!

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