March Reading Wrap-Up

Another month has flown by, and it was a great reading month. I hope this streak continues!

beautiful blur book brunette

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Here’s the snapshot of what I read. I wish I could say I enjoyed them all, but sadly, I didn’t. They can’t all be winners!

march reads

Here’s the breakdown:

2 library books

6 from my TBR

1 nonfiction

Here’s my Goodreads rating for each book:

One Of Us Is Next, 4-stars

We Are Okay, 4-stars

A River In Darkness, 4-stars

The Two Lives of Lydia Bird, 4-stars

My Name Is Lucy Barton, 2-stars

Fleishman Is In Trouble, 3-stars

Next Year In Havana, 4-stars

Kiss Me I’m Irish, 4-stars

The Party, 4-stars

People Like Us, 4-stars

Reconstructing Amelia, 4-stars

Dr. Vigilante, 4-stars

pile of books

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And let me state for the record how grateful I am for books! Amid the COVID-19 lockdown, it’s terrific that we have such easy access to books – they are such great company!

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