My Business Card!



I got my business cards a few months ago before I went to my first writer’s conference. I still love them!

They instantly made me feel more professional. When someone asks me if I have a card, I’m prepared, and I hand one over, hopefully with a modicum of confidence. But I’m sure the confidence will build up in time!

I tried to select a design that was pleasing to the eye, but that also had all the contact components that I needed, and found this one on Etsy. You can’t tell in the photos, but the cards are printed on pearlized paper. Thank you, Vistaprint! That decision was twofold: I love things that have a shine to them and the pearl is my birthstone! By selecting pearlized paper, it made my business cards a bit more ‘me.’

Like I said, I love them, and I have a business card I’m proud to hand out!

June Writerly Goals


I can’t believe June is over already, but it was a great writing month for me! I had five goals, and I met them all.

I finished my edits on the manuscript I wrote back in April for Camp NaNoWriMo. My deadline was June because I wanted to go ahead and get the manuscript out to beta readers. Prior to the start of the month, I had one beta reader lined up, so another goal was to find one or two more. Success on both counts! I got the manuscript edited and sent it out to my beta readers!

Speaking of Camp NaNoWriMo, I’m doing it again in July, so I needed to prepare. Preparation is key when trying to write a first draft in thirty days! I did some preparation, though not as much as I would have liked. I have a good handle on my characters and the setting, plus I have quite a few scenes mapped out, so I feel good about starting writing on July 1!

I desperately wanted (and needed) to get into a blog posting habit, so for June, I wanted to experiment with blogging twice a week. Wednesdays and Saturdays seemed good to me, and with the exception of being too busy one Saturday, the experiment was successful. In my defense, the one Saturday that I did not blog was because I worked the whole day finishing the edits on my manuscript. I did post the next day, so I have posted twice a week each week in June.

My last goal was to experiment with writing fragmented flash fiction, which is also called segmented or mosaic flash. It sounded like a cool concept to me and I love writing flash anyway, so I gave it a shot. I didn’t publish it, because I wasn’t truly happy with it, and I thought it would be a good idea to get more familiar with the format before sharing it with the world. But one day, I will do that!

June was a great month writing wise, and I can’t wait to see what July brings!

A Writerly Milestone


I hit a writerly milestone this week. For the first time, I have sent out my WIP to beta readers.

My nerves have never been in tied in knots so badly! 

I know beta readers are (an important) part of the writing process, but you’re basically asking someone to read your work and then list all the reasons it sucks. Well, okay, to be fair, they also list all the reasons your work is good, but hopefully, they will find what’s wrong with your manuscript so that you can fix it before it gets published. We authors are usually too close to our own work to see its faults, so beta readers can be invaluable.

I’m lucky to have beta readers and I do look forward to what they have to say about my manuscript. They can provide insight that I just don’t have, which can only make my work better. 

And then maybe my nerves will come untied…

Birthday Tiara


Photo by Ashton Mullins on Unsplash

I guessed the little girl to be about three. Her huge brown eyes were wide, her mouth hanging open. I looked over at her, smiling, but I didn’t say anything. A few feet behind her was her mother. 

I wasn’t sure why this adorable little girl was staring at me, in what seemed like pure awe. 

I glanced over to her mother, hoping for some clue. She said in a near whisper, “She thinks you’re a real princess.”

My hand shot up to the tiara I somehow forgot I was wearing. The birthday tiara that my mom has made me wear all day as a joke. She thought it would be hysterical, a whimsical way to celebrate my thirtieth birthday. All day, one of two things has been happening: either people look at me like a mental patient out on a day pass, or they laugh good-naturedly and wish me happy birthday. Either way, it’s been embarrassing.

But this was too cute. I knelt down in front of the little girl, put on what felt like my most princess-y smile, and stuck my hand out. “Hello, there. I’m Princess Caroline.” She beamed back at me. “What’s your name?”

One Down, Many More To Go


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Today I crossed off one of my writerly bucket list items! I participated in a pitch conference on Twitter, one that helps writers find critique partners and beta readers. I’m at the stage where I’m very close to needing beta readers, so this was just good timing!

I had to tweet a pitch of my book (basically an elevator pitch), and it was the scariest tweet I’ve ever sent out. It’s still horrifying for me to have others read my writing! But the whole point of beta readers is to make your writing better, and I do want to improve. My pitch got some good responses and I have two beta readers lined up!

I’m glad I put myself out there. Yes, it’s scary to have people read what I’ve written, but things like this pitch conference only remind me that there is an awesome community of writers out there. Writing is such a lonely venture, as most of the time we are writing at home behind a closed door, or maybe at a tiny coffeehouse table with earbuds drowning everything out. But writing doesn’t have to be so lonely. Fellow writers are out there and they’re willing to help. Sometimes you just have to send out one scary tweet to find them.