March Writerly Goals


It seems like February flew right by! But another month is upon us, and so is a new set of goals.

I didn’t accomplish all my goals last month. Final edits to my manuscript took up most of my writing time, but I did get them done! I had hoped to find at least one more beta reader. I passed off my finished manuscript to two beta readers, and I think just two will be okay. But once again, finding a critique partner eluded me. That one seems to take a back seat to all the other goals! However, I did join Scribophile, I started on my book cover design, and I wrote a flash fiction piece. I even submitted my flash fiction to a contest, so I consider that a bonus!

March will be a busy month goal-wise, and I plan to put more of an emphasis on finding a CP. It would be nice to finally be able to cross that one off! Plus, I really think a CP would be so beneficial for me – I at least would love the chance to find out!


Pure Adrenaline

action asphalt automobile automotive

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I’m not sure how long I’d been driving. Hours. I hadn’t stopped once. Not to get food or to pee. Funny how when your life is in danger, you forget about the basics.

If you need to, you can operate just on pure adrenaline.

But the sun is now rising, streaking the sky orange, and the gas gage just dinged at me. I hadn’t thought about gas either. I’m lucky I hadn’t run out in the middle of the night, and it’s even luckier that the billboard is advertising everything I need right at this moment, only a couple of exits away.

February Writerly Goals


I haven’t done monthly writer goals in a while now, and it’s about time to pick up the habit again. Making goals keeps me accountable, plus I just love to check things off a list!

I tried to keep my goals doable, not only because it’s a shorter month, but also because I’m out of practice. I didn’t want to set goals that were too lofty. There’s no need to set myself up for failure! Instead, I want to get back into the good habit that I foolishly let go of.

And I solemnly swear to never, ever drop the useful habit of goal-setting again!


Neat Freak

dirty dishes on the sink

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The dirty dishes in the sink was my first clue that something wasn’t right. My little sister would never leave a mess like that. She’s always been and will always be a neat freak.

Plus, I have a gut feeling.

I can’t go to the police with dirty dishes and a hunch, so I look around more closely. There’s a stack of unopened mail on the coffee table that hasn’t been sorted and filed away. The throw blanket is in a ball on the sofa instead of neatly folded across the back left cushion. Her bed hasn’t been made, and her closet door is ajar.

Something is very, very wrong.