Pure Adrenaline

action asphalt automobile automotive

Photo by Taras Makarenko on Pexels.com

I’m not sure how long I’d been driving. Hours. I hadn’t stopped once. Not to get food or to pee. Funny how when your life is in danger, you forget about the basics.

If you need to, you can operate just on pure adrenaline.

But the sun is now rising, streaking the sky orange, and the gas gage just dinged at me. I hadn’t thought about gas either. I’m lucky I hadn’t run out in the middle of the night, and it’s even luckier that the billboard is advertising everything I need right at this moment, only a couple of exits away.

February Writerly Goals


I haven’t done monthly writer goals in a while now, and it’s about time to pick up the habit again. Making goals keeps me accountable, plus I just love to check things off a list!

I tried to keep my goals doable, not only because it’s a shorter month, but also because I’m out of practice. I didn’t want to set goals that were too lofty. There’s no need to set myself up for failure! Instead, I want to get back into the good habit that I foolishly let go of.

And I solemnly swear to never, ever drop the useful habit of goal-setting again!


Neat Freak

dirty dishes on the sink

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The dirty dishes in the sink was my first clue that something wasn’t right. My little sister would never leave a mess like that. She’s always been and will always be a neat freak.

Plus, I have a gut feeling.

I can’t go to the police with dirty dishes and a hunch, so I look around more closely. There’s a stack of unopened mail on the coffee table that hasn’t been sorted and filed away. The throw blanket is in a ball on the sofa instead of neatly folded across the back left cushion. Her bed hasn’t been made, and her closet door is ajar.

Something is very, very wrong.

New Year, New Start


I had a few struggles in my writing life during the last part of 2018. One of those struggles was this blog, so this is my first blog post in a quite a while. But I love the new year because the slate is wiped clean and you get a fresh start!

I spent some time today, the first day of the new year, decluttering and tidying my writing space. I made some changes by getting rid of some things and adding new things.  I adore pretty things and love this set of trays that I found a couple of months ago at HomeGoods. I’m really glad I didn’t pass them up when I saw them! Now I have cute, colorful pens, rubber bands, and binder clips nearby. I find that I need these things often and before I’d have to get up from my desk to fetch them. No more! Now they are handy thanks to my new trays.

I also relocated my stash of notebooks and journals but kept ones that I’m actively using on my desk. Those took up a lot of space and made my work area feel more cluttered than was necessary. I put out a new scented candle, which I love to burn while I’m writing.

The biggest problem area was the desk drawer. That’s my go-to place to dump random crap, and I have to be better about that. Today, I cleaned out the drawer by first throwing away a bunch of unneeded stuff. Then I put in some plastic organizational trays, the kind that is meant for kitchen flatware drawers. It really helps keep the smaller items from getting strewn about and makes it much easier to find what I’m looking for. I didn’t take a photo of the inside of my desk drawer, as I thought that might be taking it a bit far! But please believe me when I say that the drawer is no longer an eyesore.

Now that my space is clean and organized, I feel ready to tackle my writing and editing tasks. Having my writing space neat and tidy makes it much easier for me to concentrate on my writing and editing tasks.

Now all I have to do is keep it this way…