My Quarantine Bucket List

Okay, my April is not going as I had hoped. I’ve been in some kind of funk – not a sad one – but a funk all the same. I’ve not wanted, nor had the energy, to do much at all. I realize I should be taking advantage of all this extra time, so I made a quarantine bucket list! Maybe it’ll help snap me back to life!

quarantine BL2

It’s not a long list, but it’ll give me things to do while at home. Have you made a quarantine bucket list? If so, let me know in the comments what’s on it!

Besides making lists, I also love good quotes. We’re still dealing with this weird and unprecedented situation, so I wanted to share some uplifting quotes. I don’t know about you, but I sure can use them!

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Here’s to you and me making the most of the quarantine!

March Reading Wrap-Up

Another month has flown by, and it was a great reading month. I hope this streak continues!

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Here’s the snapshot of what I read. I wish I could say I enjoyed them all, but sadly, I didn’t. They can’t all be winners!

march reads

Here’s the breakdown:

2 library books

6 from my TBR

1 nonfiction

Here’s my Goodreads rating for each book:

One Of Us Is Next, 4-stars

We Are Okay, 4-stars

A River In Darkness, 4-stars

The Two Lives of Lydia Bird, 4-stars

My Name Is Lucy Barton, 2-stars

Fleishman Is In Trouble, 3-stars

Next Year In Havana, 4-stars

Kiss Me I’m Irish, 4-stars

The Party, 4-stars

People Like Us, 4-stars

Reconstructing Amelia, 4-stars

Dr. Vigilante, 4-stars

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And let me state for the record how grateful I am for books! Amid the COVID-19 lockdown, it’s terrific that we have such easy access to books – they are such great company!

Gearing Up For Camp NaNoWriMo

I hate to say it, but I’ve been in a funk. I’m sure many have with all that is going on in the world these days, but personally, I’m tired of the funk. I want to get back to some sort of normal, and one of the few areas of my life I can exert control over is my writing life, which has suffered since the COVID-19 outbreak. I wish I could say that I’ve taken advantage of the time off from my usual routine to concentrate more on writing, but I have not. The emotional toll and having my kids and husband at home have given me an excuse to throw everything, including writing, out the window.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel!

concrete tunnel

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Camp NaNoWriMo has always been an excellent motivator for me, so I made sure to sign up for April. I love writing the first draft of a manuscript in 30 days. It’s usually pretty ugly and messy, with plot holes and unintentional tense switches, but it’s a manuscript! And when the 30 days are over, I’ve got something tangible that can only improve.

So, starting in April, I’m going to actively work on my WIP, as well as dragging myself out of my funk! I hope it’s a good month, not just for me, but for you too!

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Find Your Happiness!

Things are weird out there, people! These are unprecedented times and I’ve already seen examples of tensions running high. So, here’s a reminder to find happiness wherever and however you can!

And while we’re finding our happiness, let’s also remember to be kind to ourselves and each other!

100 Favorite Things

Starting this month, I’d like to try getting more personal with my posts. All work and no play, right? But really, I can’t always blog about my writing life – it’s just not that exciting. Not that my regular life is exciting, but it’s nice to switch things up sometimes!

So, these are some of my favorite things. It’s not an exhaustive list, nor is it listed in any sort of order. Here goes:

  1. sunrises/ sunsets
  2. a quiet cup of coffee in the morning
  3.  Netflix
  4.  yoga
  5.  starting a new book
  6.  Thanksgiving
  7.  riding with the car windows down
  8.  vinyl records
  9.  dogs
  10.  fresh flowers

yellow mums orange peruvian lilies and carnation flower arrangement

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  1.  Bath and Body Works
  2.  curtain lights
  3.  compliments from strangers
  4.  Funko POPS
  5.  going to the movie theater
  6.  movie theater popcorn
  7.  Target
  8.  Tieks ballet flats
  9.  good hair days
  10.  breakfast for dinner

cooked food on a plate

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  1. bootcut jeans
  2.  guys with British accents
  3.  hearing my favorite song on the radio
  4.  shopping
  5.  writing
  6.  candlelight
  7.  reruns of favorite sit-coms
  8.  pizza
  9.  when my husband calls me “baby”
  10.  the sound of ocean waves

sea waves crashing on shore during sunset

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  1. brunch with my Mom
  2.  seeing live shows/concerts
  3.  grilled cheese sandwiches
  4.  hearing birds sing
  5.  margaritas
  6.  visiting New York City
  7.  the smell of lavender
  8.  watching the snowfall
  9.  jewelry from Tiffany’s
  10.  autumn

nature red forest leaves

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  1.  the color pink
  2.  the sound of my daughters’ laughter
  3.  Jane Austen
  4.  rings
  5.  80s teen movies
  6.  sunshine
  7.  getting letters/cards in the mail
  8.  date night
  9.  macaroni and cheese
  10.  fresh sheets on the bed

white pillows on a bed

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  1.  meeting friends for coffee
  2.  Spotify
  3.  Ice Breakers peppermint gum
  4.  gift cards
  5.  comfy pajamas
  6. Starbucks
  7.  Pinot Grigio
  8.  pumpkin spice everything
  9.  Ruth’s Chris restaurant
  10.  champagne

clear stemmed glass almost full

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  1. manicures
  2.  pedicures
  3.  massages
  4.  lounging by the pool
  5.  cheesecake
  6.  cute outfits
  7.  browsing through bookstores
  8.  adding to/crossing things off my bucket list
  9.  listening to thunderstorms
  10.  my birthday

vacation winter ball balloon

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  1.  having the house all to myself
  2.  tiramisu
  3.  cashmere slippers in winter
  4.  Burt’s Bees lip balm
  5.  Reese’s cups
  6.  trying new things
  7.  breezes
  8.  my iPhone and iPad
  9.  cute/funny coffee mugs
  10.  throw pillows

brown and grey leather sofa with throw pillows

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  1.  my writing space
  2.  my car
  3.  my bedroom
  4.  my wedding rings
  5.  my spot on the sofa
  6.  30-day challenges
  7.  making new recipes
  8. graphic tees
  9.  soft throw blankets
  10.  opening the windows in the house

tulips in clear vase beside window

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  1.  my Happy Planner
  2.  watching the Puppy Bowl with my family
  3.  going to museum exhibits
  4.  my pink Christmas tree
  5.  lazy days
  6.  seasonal home decor
  7.  playing Farm Heroes Saga
  8.  when my dog cuddles  with me
  9.  finding the perfect gift for someone
  10.  making lists


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I guess that the last one is no surprise, but I will say this – it’s not easy to make a list of 100 of anything! Were some of your favorite things on my list? Drop me a comment and let me know!